Small Repairs: Keep it Simple

Wondering if your project is too small or too simple for Solstice? It ISN’T. Solstice is happy to help with your project, no matter the size.

A small window?

Maura reached out to us regarding a broken pane in a 15" x 17" leaded doorlite. Photos show before and after repairs.

"The window looks great. I was at a loss for how to get this repaired but I’m glad we found a way to keep the leaded glass - even though it’s a small window! Thank you for making the process so simple for me."      - Maura M.

A few broken pieces?

This home has some lovely windows that, but for several broken pieces of clear glass, were in generally sound condition. The broken pieces were easily repaired with a short visit to the client's home.

Scroll through to see the before and after.

Not sure if your window needs restoration?

Aside from the obvious broken glass, some signs that your window may be in need of restoration include: the seal at the exterior perimeter failing next to the wood sashes at the installation point; deteriorated or broken solder junctions (pictured to the left); and deteriorated lead / zinc cames.

If you're not sure, you can always send us a photo through our contact form!

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