Removal and Installation

The artisans at Solstice Stained Glass are skilled in the safe removal and installation of stained and leaded glass windows, new and old, large and small.

Atypical Installation

Want a window, but unsure if your space will accommodate one?
Solstice was tasked with solving an atypical installation situation involving a radial barrel vault ceiling. The photos below show a solution that we and the client were very happy with.

Removal for Other Work

Having construction or renovation work done on your home and concerned for the wellbeing of your stained glass? Including for windows that need little-to-no restoration work, Solstice provides the service of safely removing and crating windows for reinstallation.

The photos below show the before and after our removal and reinstallation of the the sanctuary windows at First United Methodist at Chicago Temple. The lights behind the windows needed to be replaced, and the panels removed to access the space behind them. Solstice provided this service, in addition to cleaning and providing some minor repairs to the panels while they were out of the openings.

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Founding and building Solstice Stained Glass from the ground up, owner Emily Carlson was trained in the traditional methods of stained glass technologies. She is passionate about creating and restoring authentic beauty in the built environment, and under her leadership, the entire Solstice team prides itself on the care and dedication to quality that we bring to each project.
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